I want to wake up.  At least…I think I want to wake up.

When I make the above statement, I’m referring to waking up to new levels of awareness.  Awaking to an awareness of the moment and the unity of everything.  These are common spiritual/consciousness raising concepts, but what do they mean?  How do we relate our daily lives  to these precepts of thought suggesting that there’s something more to our existence then a random, material world.  Will such modalities of thought enrich our life’s journey, or is it all wishful thinking?

This blog is an effort to reflect upon certain ideas and concepts that those of us so “spiritually inclined” like to ponder.  More than anything, it is an outlet for what little writing I attempt and an expression of the thoughts that are often floating around in my head.  Perhaps keeping a diary would suffice.  But hey, why not?  The internet is an endless exhibition of subjective opinion ranging from the benign and mundane to the outrageous and psychedelic.  I may as well add my two cents.

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